IMDp: Improvised Movie Director Podcast

Ep 19: James Walsh/Napoleon Dynamighty Ducks

May 27, 2021

IMDp is an improvised interview podcast. Every week Martina Minnow interviews a director about their upcoming film. Also joining Martina each week are our resident improvisers who create cutaway scenes and clips from the films discussed. However...

until she introduces them, only Martina knows the guests name and the name of their movie.

Todays Special Guest:

James Walsh (Chuck Mountain) is a comedy writer / performer, and budding improviser. He co-produces Next Level Sketch, a monthly sketch comedy podcast & live show at Hoopla Improv at the Miller.  He would like to visit every remaining Wimpy Bar in the country, and wants a dog.



The IMDp Team: @improvmoviepod


Sabrina Luisi (Martina Minnow) is in Hoopla House team Michelle, acapella improvised musical group Acaprov, improvised musical narrative group Multiverse and long form team Buffet. Sabrina is also an actor and writer in immersive online murder mystery group, Play Dead London. She loves Eastenders, refrigerated Curly Wurlys, and has three accents she uses on rotation in improv shows. 

Twitter: @sabrinaluisi                      Instagram: @sabrina.luisi

Vicky Hawley (Resident Improviser) is an improviser, comedian and storyteller who regularly performs with groups including Chortle Award winning Jericho Comedy, Edinburgh sellout Bumper Blyton, and internationally touring improv musical Multiverse. Vicky is also a professional DM, the host of D&D liveplay podcast Vicky's World, and a regular player on Sasha Ellen's Character Building Experience

Twitter: @vichawley                        Instagram: @vic.hawley

Rory Vieyra (Resident Improviser) is an improviser and Actor who regularly performs with Music Box Improv, Acaprov and The Inflatables in London and abroad. He also teaches improv with Hoopla Impro and performs in immersive Murder Mystery group Play Dead London. He loves Cinnanmon Buns, Dolly Parton and Ancient Greece. He know his impressions are bad but refuses to stop.

Instagram & Facebook: @roryvieyra

Steve Tanner (Producer/Editor) is Director of 4Foot1Films. He creates and edits video content for theatre productions and regularly collaborates with Hoopla Impro to edit their sketches. He runs filmmaking workshop Make A Movie Club for kids and is also an actor with immersive online murder mystery group, Play Dead London.

Instagram @4foot1films


Theme Music by Matt Brown & Jonny Griffiths

Episode Artwork by Marty Sears


Additional music by Stan Babich


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